7 steps to digital contract management

A man sits in front of a computer screen where he works with digital contract management and can handle, sign and monitor contracts.

Ready to manage your contracts digitally? Here we give some tips on how you can start working completely digitally with your contracts.

We look at what cloud-based file storage services can solve, and what a contract service gives you if you choose that path. The text is primarily aimed at you as an entrepreneur and if you read this as a private person, you must filter out what is company-specific.

There are a variety of file storage services and you are probably already familiar with some of them. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Apple iCloud are examples. The services are offered to both individuals and companies - where the company variants have more functions. The same applies to the market for cloud-based contract services.

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How to get started with digital acceptance and signing of contracts

2 contracting parties who each use a computer can agree on a contract completely digitally by using different methods for digital acceptance and signing of contracts.

What alternatives are there today to get acceptance from the parties of a contract? How do you effectively gather acceptance - or signatures as many say - from one or more recipients for a particular document?

Many companies, organizations and private individuals in Sweden have encountered e-signing in some form. What variants are there, how valid are they and what is an e-signature?

This article covers some background and gives you information that will hopefully help you navigate in the signing jungle.

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Things to consider when choosing contract solution

This article can give you insights into what you should keep in mind when choosing a contract solution for digital contract management, which is symbolized by a shining light in a cloud

Are you considering starting to manage your contracts completely digitally? Your own, or perhaps corporate?

Here we give some tips on things you should consider.

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How companies can replace the contract binder with digital contract management

Saving all the contracts you sign with different contracting parties is important and many companies save printed paper contracts in contract binders sorted by the year in which the contract was entered into.

The modern contract binder is digital, smart and helps you understand what information is in the company's contract. What questions does your company have to ask and what survey should be done in order to start using modern, digital contract management?

Here we go through how you can map out which requirements your company has and what you need to think through in order to be able to replace the contract binder with a digital alternative.

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How digital contract templates provide improved house maintenance service

House maintenance workers who perform tasks based on information retrieved directly from the content of a digital contract have greater opportunities to do the right things

How should digital contract templates for house maintenance services be designed to be able to enter into contracts completely digitally with customers?

House maintenance services is a very wide concept. It can include everything from gardening, crafts in apartments and villas or service on properties in tenant-owner associations. The industry provides services to individuals, companies, the state and the municipality.

The contracts you enter into with your customers should list what you agree on:

• WHAT to do? That is, which activities are to be performed. This also often includes an estimate of material consumption. An example is that an electrician installs a new socket in an apartment.

• WHEN should the work be performed? Sometimes the work has to be done on several different occasions. Are there conditions for the job to be performed? For example, the customer must remove furniture in their apartment.

• HOW much does it cost? Here you should also list any ROT / RUT deductions that the customer wants to use.

• WHAT conditions apply. For example, payment terms, guarantees and standard clauses.

What, when and how is different for each assignment and is of course essential information for your company to be able to plan and carry out the assignment. A contract system that supports industry-specific contract templates gives you the opportunity to easily extract relevant information from the contract completely automatically. For example, resource planning, work orders and invoicing documents. If you work in a larger business, you may have an IT system for just this. In that case, look at how a contract solution can exchange data with surrounding systems.

You will probably come a long way with the contract system's own reporting functions. Examples are invoicing reports, work orders and inspection protocols.

Below are some points to go through for those who work in the house maintenance service industry and who are considering using digital contracts.

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How AI-assisted text interpretation simplifies your contract management

Text interpretation software (also called OCR) gets better and smarter, when artificial intelligence (AI) is used to interpret the text in digital contracts.

Contract managers ensure that all the company's contracts and associated documents are kept in good order and that contract content is available so that the business can benefit from it.

An uncomplicated statement that can be taken for granted. At the same time, the words "good order" and "available" hide a lot of complexity. An example when using contract binders shows some of the problems. With contract binders, good order follows partly from the fact that contracts are actually inserted in the folder, and that they are classified according to a register. The HR department may sort employment contracts based on last name, while the CFO sorts the supplier contracts by organization number. Notes and reminders are attached to the respective agreement. This can be seen as "marking" or keeping track of information you deem relevant, ie extra important, for some reason. This is a good order based on the type of agreement. Unfortunately, it looks different in different parts of a company.

Accessibility means that the business can easily and without delay obtain relevant contract information, at the same time as unauthorized persons are denied access. From, for example, the supplier agreement at the CFO's office.

An investment in good order for the whole company pays off in better accessibility. This applies to both the contract binder and the digital contract solutions. Here we describe how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you maintain good order and improve accessibility.

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Digital contract templates in the cleaning industry

Customer contracts, supplier contracts and other types of contracts today exist in various forms, for example e-signed contracts, contracts on paper and contracts in e-mails. Contract management takes place in different types of devices such as cell phones, computers or in a unit for scanning paper contracts.

How can your cleaning company become faster in creating contract proposals that can be e-signed by the customer and based on the content of the signed contract document easily list how the delivery is to be made?

E-signing is fast and convenient for all parties. Your customer does not have to print on paper, sign by hand and send in by post. Your company will have simpler administrative handling. More and more cleaning companies are using cloud services where contract documents in the form of a completed PDF can be uploaded and e-signed by the customer. This type of e-signing service solves the contract acceptance from the customer completely digitally.

At the same time, you know that the road to a good delivery requires many more steps. The terms in the contract document describe how the delivery is to be made. Once the customer has signed, contract information must be passed on to the people within your company who are responsible for the delivery. What exactly has your company agreed with the customer? When should the cleaning service be delivered? At what cost? What conditions apply? To keep track of this information, a mix of different IT solutions, hand-laying and a desire for better support is often used to facilitate the work both before and after signing.

How can your cleaning company maintain the possibility of e-signing and at the same time reduce the number of steps required for a good delivery?

Digital contract templates adapted for cleaning services is the solution. Modern contract services provide broad support for handling and filling in templates directly in the browser.

In this article, we list what is important to keep in mind for those who are considering trying.

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