Privacy policy

Avtalsbanken Sweden AB is committed to respecting your privacy. One of Avtalsbankens core values is that we, as far as possible, protect all of the contracts from unauthorised use. We work hard to ensure that agreements entered into - and stored in - Avtalsbanken web service are only available to the contracting parties. We ensure that your identity and the terms of your agreement will not be disclosed to third parties, unless you agree to do so in a contract with Avtalsbanken. To further clarify this, Avtalsbanken will not, under any circumstances, pass on or resell data provided by you when using our services.


A cookie is a piece of information stored on your computer by your browser. Avtalsbanken Sweden AB uses cookies to remember your visit with the purpose of facilitate your usage of this web site. We also use cookies with the purpose of adapting services, offers and ads for you.

If you do not wish to use cookies you can block these in your web browser. When not signed in you can delete your user settings by using settings for each web browser or device. The exact way of deleting your user settings varies between browsers and device types. Read the instructions that applies to your device. A general description is: Choose the setting "Remove cookies" in your web browser.

Personal data

In the context of personal data for contract parties, processed by Avtalsbanken when using the web service to enter into an agreement, the following applies:

- The initiator (owner) of the offer is the data controller and Avtalsbanken is the data processor who acts on behalf of the data controller.

The data controller is responsible for safe-keeping of personal data. Avtalsbanken - being the data processor of personal data - undertakes to only process personal data in accordance with the data controllers written instructions.

In the context of individuals who sign up for an account in Avtalsbanken, the individuals will sign a contract directly with Avtalsbanken where it is specified that Avtalsbanken is the data controller and will ask for consent to register personal data in connection with the onboarding process of the service.