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Upload contracts or use a template. Discover contract information with artificial intelligence and search functions. Simplify using monitoring, automatic calculations and workflows.

Solutions for different industries and situations.
Contract management on mobile devices must be easy to perform so that users think it simplifies the work
Cleaning services, FM services

Companies that sell cleaning and FM services need to look at every opportunity that gives customers a better service.

An elaborate digital contract template that is handled in a controlled workflow helps both the cleaning company - and its customers - to keep track of all the details of what is to be done and delivered.

Companies that offer house maintenance services and property management provide their customers with a better service by using digital contract management.
House maintenance service

House maintenance services performed in or near customers' properties can consist of many activities that need to be carefully documented. With Avtalsbanken, contract responsibles can collect information about the assignment already in the draft contract and then calculate the price automatically. The collected information can then be used to control the business.

AI-assisted text interpretation is a new technology that helps users work more efficiently and enables new features.
Smart AI interpretation

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence in recent years, especially in AI-assisted text interpretation, has led to a breakthrough in automatically identifying and classifying information in contracts and other documents.

Contract managers get access to a new tool that simplifies the daily work of discovering and keeping track of important contract information.

Save all your contracts in a centralized, secure and flexible contract archive
Contract management

The modern contract binder is digital, smart and helps you understand what information is in the company's contracts.

Modern contract management is about gaining control over such things as how many outstanding quotes your company has right now, alerting in good time before a supplier contract expires and obtaining relevant reports based on contract information.

Avtalsbanken — 3 core advantages

Always in control
A new contract has just been signed. How do you find out? Alarms triggered by important contract events give all users a better control of the status of contracts. In Avtalsbanken, users get access to a personalized, updated overview of contracts and current cases.
Continuous innovation
Avtalsbanken is a leader in using artificial intelligence for more efficient contract management. Artificial intelligence helps you to more quickly discover which contracts contain the contract information you are looking for. AI-development is progressing at a fast pace and new innovations are to be expected. We do not know what those might be, but we make sure you have access to them.
Always safe
From early drafts to archived contracts — sensitive contract information is kept private in a secure contract archive. Automated data validations, control functions and workflows create safety for users. It simply becomes easier to do the right thing - every time.
Samhall is a Swedish state-owned company who operates nationwide and has more than 23 000 employees.

Samhall’s core assignment is to produce goods and services that are in demand, through which meaningful work is created that furthers the personal development of people with functional impairment causing reduced working capacity, where the need exists.
The result of the cooperation is an IT tool which is used by 700 employees to do business in a simple, correct and mobile way. At the same time the solution ensures a more correct and efficient hand-over from sales to the operational units which is of outmost importance to ensure that the delivery process works smoothly.

What we appreciated most with working with Avtalsbanken is that they had so many ready-made solutions which were immediately useful within Samhall. There really is a big difference to work with a supplier who understands what is needed almost before one asks.
Project Manager, Samhall