Features that you will love

With Avtalsbanken, you can choose the type of e-signing that you accept for a specific contract.

Sign offers on screen or use SMS, email signing or highly secure BankId. It is even possible to sign on paper you know! Transform a proposal to an offer in a seamless process. Add parties & signers and let each contract party & signer manage their own acceptance in a user-friendly way.

Each user only sees their own agreements and has access to a contract overview that is always kept updated in real time.
Personal proposals, offers & contracts

Get the personal overview that you always wanted and access details of all your proposals, offers and contracts. Transform a proposal to an offer in no time. Never again spend hours looking for a lost contract.

With the Upload function, you can upload independent contract documents to Avtalsbanken. You can then send out for signing or save as an already accepted contract.

Have a proposal that was generated outside of Avtalsbanken that you need signed? Now you can upload proposals to Avtalsbanken and send them out for immediate e‑signing. Or if you just want to upload your existing contracts into a modern contract archive? With Avtalsbanken it is possible.

Contract documents created in Avtalsbanken can be customized so that your brands are displayed correctly to contracting parties

Contract documents are an important marketing channel. Highlight the company or product brand in the documents you share with other parties.

The Offline feature is used when the internet connection is poor and you still want to be able to work with contracts
Work offline

Work independent of network quality. You can even get your offers e‑signed when offline without internet connection! Data is stored on the local device and then synced to the cloud as soon as connection is restored.

With the Calculations function, you can automate all calculations and thus simplify and speed up contract management for users

Leave the calculator at home. Get the summations right the first time before the offer reaches the customer! If the calculation exists in Excel we you can import it to Avtalsbanken.

When contracts look pretty much the same every time, you have great benefit from contract templates. Maybe the same general terms are used for all contracts or if you want to reuse a front page in the contract document.
Personal proposal templates

Personal proposal templates are handy when your proposals, offers and contracts looks about the same every time. Perhaps the same Terms & Conditions are used for every contract? Transform a proposal to a template with the click of a button! Very useful in larger organizations is that users only sees a personalized list of templates they have been granted access to.

It is always possible to export your contract data to file.
Data export

It is always possible to export contract data to file. It is your data. Avtalsbanken does not like data lock‑in.

A modern browser is enough - the rest is in the cloud. Avtalsbanken supports browsers that are termed "evergreen"
Future proof

A modern web browser is enough—the rest is in the cloud. Avtalsbanken supports evergreen, modern web browsers on any platform. Examples of evergreen browsers are Chrome & Firefox.

Avtalsbanken's web service can be used on various devices and works on mobile, tablet and computer
Support for different devices

Your customers and contract parties use different devices—but this is not a concern for you when using Avtalsbanken. Signers can use any device to accept one of your offers. No special hardware or software is required.

Business oriented features

Save all your contracts in a centralized, secure and flexible contract archive
Contract archive

Take a step up in functionality and start getting real use of all the contract data within your organization. Gather all contracts in a secure and flexible e-archive using the bulk upload feature. Search on any contract data, generate alarms based on contractual terms & conditions, generate reports & statistics and add private data related to the contract. Keep on reading to learn more about each individual feature.

With the Bulk upload function, it is possible to archive contracts signed outside Avtalsbanken, such as scanned paper contracts or historical contracts saved in PDF format.
Bulk upload

Want to transfer existing and historical contracts into a modern business archive solution? New e-signed contracts are added by default but you can also use the upload feature to manage externally signed contracts. Create upload templates and index imported contracts for future search. Manage bulk uploading and import and enhance existing indexing information to prepare for searchability and access

Decide for yourself which contract data is to trigger an alarm, eg an annual price adjustment, the end date of the contract, or the renewal date.

Forgotten contractual terms are now a thing of the past. Manage alarms, notifications & customize the rules for triggering alarms. You decide which contract data that will trigger an alarm, for example yearly price adjustments, offer dead-lines, contract end date, renewal date, etc.

With the feature, you can create your own unique reports based on contract data and distribute them within your organization or to other parties.
Customer unique reports

Build your own unique reports based on your unique contractual data and distribute within the organization or elsewhere. Generate business reports to management teams, facilitate service delivery using SLA reports, secure correct invoicing through invoice reports. The applications are endless.

With advanced search - based on the well-known Elastic Search engine - you can quickly search among all contracts for any contract information
Advanced search

So, you know there is a lot of valuable data in your contracts but miss an easy way to bring them out? With advanced search - powered by the well-known Elastic Search stack - you can quickly search among all contracts after optional content. Categorize and massage the data as you please, who knows which reports and graphs you will need in the future.

Attach documents, notes or other data related to your contract.
Private data

Some data related to a contract is for your eyes only and should not be viewable by other contract parties. Attach documents, notes or other data after a contract has been signed. Setup templates for which private data is to be added based on contract type.

Team functions in Avtalsbanken enable people in a team to collaborate on agreements
Team features

Share contract data and work tasks within or between teams within the same organization. Change contract ownership, define team template subscriptions, use approval workflows and make use of cross-team messaging.

Integrate Avtalsbanken with your existing internal workflows using the functions in Custom workflows
Custom workflows

Each company has their own unique workflows. Sales, delivery & invoicing processes are often unique. You can integrate Avtalsbanken with your existing internal workflows. Every contract is bound to a lifecycle state - be it draft, in signing, signed or expired. Trigger custom workflows, events, export/import data or perform manual work tasks in each lifecycle state until a contract is archived.

When you need your own custom integrations with Avtalsbanken, it is possible to access our API
Custom Integrations (API)

Get access to our powerful API and integrate Avtalsbanken your way into your own applications. Contact us to get more information.

Avtalsbanken provides ready-made add-ons that give you additional functions and opportunities, such as cloud services available from third-party providers or workflows created by external parties.

Avtalsbankens ready-made extensions are used to further enhance the useability of Avtalsbanken built-in functions. Connect to third-party service providers or use workflows shared by Avtalsbanken users. Read more about available Extensions further down this page.

Avtalsbanken provides 2 support levels, Basic and Premium.

Choose between Basic or Premium level. Basic includes online documentation while Premium adds case management, incidents, user help, assistance & pin-pointed resources

Gains control over which versions of contract templates are published and used by sales teams or other groups within the organization.

Finally a way to control which proposal template versions that are being used by the sales staff or other groups within the organization. Eliminate versioning issues that can lead to signing of outdated contracts and the resulting administrational nightmare. A separate version handling for calculations ensure speedy changes to calculations when needed.

In Avtalsbanken, you get access to an editor for contract templates when changes need to be made in the contract templates used or when a completely new contract template needs to be constructed.
Template Editor

So you have proposal templates saved but need to tweak them or create a new template from scratch? In the Template Editor you can construct proposal templates for different purposes. Be in control of the quality of collected data and customize appearance and content.

With the extended widget library function, you get access to a number of new widgets that can be used in contract templates to collect contract data
Enhanced widget library

Sometimes the basic form objects are just not enough. Get access to a plethora of widgets to simplify fill-in of data in the proposal forms.

Avtalsbanken has solutions for Credit Information, Contract Value Checks and workflows for on-site approval that are used to gain control of credit risks
Credit risk management

In todays business there are plenty of ways to make mistakes when choosing customers. Avtalsbanken have integrated extensions for Credit Rating, Credit Limits and approval workflows in place. All these audit controls can be automated and integrated naturally as part of the contract formation process and helps keeping your business risks under control.

With the federated login (SSO) function, Avtalsbanken can connect to an external ADFS server
SSO/Federated login

For enterprises having many users, inefficient user management is a security risk and a time-thief for managers. With federated login Avtalsbanken connects to an external ADFS server which enables auto user login and provisioning

Some companies are required to follow specific workflows and must also be able to show afterwards which transactions have been carried out for a certain document.
Audit logs & compliance

Increased regulatory demands for tracking of activities as well as compliance requirements are met with an extensive audit log viewer. Track contract changes and views, account history, extension usage and more

With Avtalsbanken as your supplier, you can be sure that personal information is handled in accordance with the rules in the GDPR.
GDPR compliance

Avtalsbanken is GDPR compliant. With Avtalsbanken as your supplier you can be sure that personal data is taken care of according to the rules of GDPR

Extensions & Integrations

Automate credit reporting and credit decisions using this link to UC
UC Rating Service

This extension enables you to perform a credit rating lookup at UC followed by an automated or manual credit decision—before an offer is sent out to a customer.

Digital contract management online. Sign - find - monitor.
Contract Value check

With this extension you can safeguard that specific amounts/limits in a proposal are not breached without a manual approval being logged.