About us

In 2011, Håkan Klingensjö and Robert Gartman took the initiative to create a high-quality web service that enables companies to work efficiently with contracts in an increasingly digitalized market - Avtalsbanken was born.

The web service that Avtalsbanken offers makes it possible for most companies to handle contracts - and above all contract content - digitally.

Digital contract management aims to simplify companies' and organizations' work with contracts and to introduce innovative working methods that create new business opportunities.

E-signing of contracts is an excellent example of how a change in contract management both simplifies and is innovative. A simple but striking comparison is the often completely manual signing of contracts in paper form, which was completely dominant in 2011. Those who once tried e-signing do not want to go back to the old way of working.

Another example is the use of artificial intelligence as an aid to interpreting contractual content. The technology is already impressive and Avtalsbanken today has some solutions based on AI in place. However, new solutions are popping up all the time, which we evaluate, and we will make sure that you get access to the best of them.

Robert, co-founder
Håkan, co-founder